“We are doubly blessed to have a culturally-sensitive counseling center that enables us to come into the fullness of our own possibilities.”
“Very few people have influenced my life more than Mr. McQueen and the staff at Center for Psychotherapy. One of the most beneficial things I learnt from being in the therapeutic environment was how changing my thinking, could change my life.”
“You will not find a more loving, compassionate, helpful and caring therapeutic environment. Mr. McQueen has developed a unique system of healing that is based on ancient mental principles that work.”
“A 45-minute session with Mr. Benedict Brizan potentially transforms anybody who is motivated to change for the better. It is like he speaks to the heart.”
“I am 58 years old. My blood pressure is 120/60. My Doctor said that I have the blood pressure of a baby. My health condition is largely the result of my daily application of Thoughtful Optimism, a principles enjoined by Center for Psychotherapy.”
“I have never made a secret … of the fact that I consider the clinical help I received from Center for Psychotherapy to be of the best value in psycho education.”
“The sessions were excellent!! They helped me to think more clearly and showed me how to better examine my unexamined assumptions.”
“I have been involved in many personal growth and transformational processes. But Herry’s gentle guidance allowed me to quickly access a new depth of wisdom in myself and through him, based on the conversations’ and exercises he invited me into. Never critical, and always willing to challenge, Herry uses the power of acceptance and affirmation to draw out the strength in me for arriving at the answers to the problems which I posed.”
“My experience of my therapists in the parenting group at CFP is that they are skilled and committed listeners. The openings in my heart and my life I have experienced through their coaching has led me in the direction I have always intended for my life to go.”    

“Hugs to Magdelena for your help and encouragement. Always know that I love you and will forever cherish the wonderful times we had together. It is said that we only truly love a very few people in our lives; you are one of mine. Thank you to everyone at CFP, named and unnamed, for your inspiration and perseverance in helping me to improve my life.”