John P. McQueen, Ed.S., CSW-R, CFLE


Bachelors Degree in Social Work

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work, 1989

Fellowship from Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Post Graduate:

State of New York Certified Clinical Social Worker Licensure

Basic and Advanced Training in Family Life Education at Andrews University Berrien Springs Michigan (CFLE)

Education Specialist (Ed.s) Ė Andrews University

Certification - Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Certification - Domestic Violence prevention and corrective intervention

For over twenty-five years, John has been conducting workshops and giving lectures throughout the United States, Canada and the English speaking Caribbean in areas such as parent effectiveness training, cultural competency, self-actualization, and family life education.


John is nationally recognized for his work with the black family, the black male, in particular. He is a pioneer in the development of rites of passage programs and a black family specialist. He works with individuals, couples, groups and children (including teenagers)

In 1991, Johnís research on black fathering at the Andrews University germinated or gave birth to the Imani Rites of Passage, an innovative therapeutic and recreational program which addresses the interrelated academic and emotional needs of children..


Mr. McQueen is Founder of Family Renaissance, Inc. where he continues the work began at Andrews University.

Also President of Redemption Christian Center, Center for Psychotherapy and Father Absent Network.


Via the above instruments Mr. McQueen has helped thousands of children and adults in their quest for psychological and spiritual development with specific, measurable results, at times in the face of intractable human challenges.

Mr. McQueen is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Family Life Educator, Mental Health Harm Reduction Specialist, and Educator and has presented training workshops, consulting, or keynote speeches for the following universities, institutes and organizations:


Kingsborough SDA Menís Ministry- Brooklyn, New York

Family Life International Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Braziers Estate - Nevis, West Indies

CARICA & Family Renaissance, Inc - Grenada, West Indies

GMAP, Inc. Ė Williamsburg Virginia

IS 244; IS 285; IS 171

Westing House High School; Bushwich High School;  Brooklyn Tech High School; Borough of Manhattan Community College

Childrenís Colony

Brooklyn Tabernacle

Family Service Network of New York

North Eastern Conference of SDA

Columbia University, NY

Grace Christian Church of S.D.A.

Redemption Christian Center

Before entering private practice, John worked as caseworker, administrator, supervisor, and psychotherapist in various mental health and protective/preventive service settings. He was a clinician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center; research assistant to the chairman of the Family Life Education Department at Andrews University and taught a course at Andrews University School of Education. He also served as therapist at Brooklyn Bureau of Community Services and  Family Services Network of New Yorkís Harm Reduction Program.

In Brooklyn, John is instrumental in developing and implementing Afro-Therapy, a culturally-sensitive therapeutic model for responding to the unique needs of people of African descent. He also developed Thoughtful Optimism, a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and the strength perspective model of psychotherapy. As a Certified Field Instructor, John provides internship opportunities to students in colleges and universities. He also conducts year-round training for selected social workers who are interested in the goal of learning the theory and practice of Afro-Therapy and Thoughtful Optimism in the context of Psycho-educational processes.

Mr. McQueen is currently active in the Flatbush area as a community leader for civic groups, and youth advocate, while conducting workshops throughout the United States.


John is the author of Fatherís Absence: Soul Searching Poems from the heart of a Psychotherapist. It is a comprehensive look at the impact of a fatherís absence on children.


Triumph Over Adversity (The Journey: From Slavery to Freedom - manuscript). It highlights Johnís seminal work on Afro-Therapy, his new approach to Soul-Based Psychotherapy. It is a call for healing ourselves and helping others to heal themselves from the vestiges of chattel slavery.


Rites of Passage: An Innovative Approach - manuscript. It is intended to be a manual for parents, teacher, and mentors; adults who are interested in the goal of helping children transition from one stage of development to the next.

John has also authored and co-authored several articles on psycho-spiritual development for national and local magazines, journals and newspapers throughout his career including " Afro-centric Program as Primary Prevention for African American Youth"  published in the Journal of primary Prevention (2004), and "The Impact of a Fatherís AbsenceĒ  in Kuji Magazine (2003).


Supervised training in group work, Domestic violence prevention and corrective training; Mental health specialist training in working with deinstitutionalized patients and post traumatic stress disorder; Training in individual and Family Therapy; Training in systems theory and conflict resolution/mediation models; School-aged directorís training; Training in holistic Health; Post-graduate training in field supervision; qualification for Psychotherapy Licensure in New York.


John was featured in numerous articles/media including WLIP, WNWK, Caribbean Classroom, BCAT, Carib Life, Carib News, Daily News, Canarsie Courier, Daily Challenge, Amsterdam News and Kuji Magazine and has received numerous commendations for outstanding professional work and community service--awards received from The Brooklyn Borough Presidents, Washington Times Foundation, The Comptroller of New York City, The City Council, Family Services Network of New York, and Redemption Christian Center.





Redemption Christian Center (Board member)

National Association of Social Workers

Medgar Evers College, School of Social Work (Advisory Board)

You may reach Mr. McQueen directly at