“Very few people have influenced my life as Mr. McQueen and the staff at Center for Psychotherapy have. One of the many things I've learned is how changing my thinking, could change my life.”


During our 20 + years of practice
 we've helped countless clients succeed in getting past their fear of failure, fear of success, get rid of anxiety, stress, hatred, and a host of other negative thoughts and emotions, not to mention self-confidence and self-esteem building, and a whole lot more.

We know what it takes to make a good life work.












When a 24-year-old woman who called herself "90DayJane" launched a Blog in February announcing she'd write about her life and feelings for three months and then commit suicide, 150,000 readers flocked to her site. Some came to offer help, some came to delight in the drama while others speculated that it was all a hoax.

But was it a cry for help?  It was, and "90DayJane" had finally found a way to be heard. With thousands of positive responses pouring into her email box NON STOP not only did she find her very own source of comfort and love, but also a true sense of community.

That's what we provide at CFP.

A Select Team of Highly Experienced, State-Licensed Clinicians,  we're TOTALLY invested in your well-being. We've worked together for many years hosting Group and Family Consultancy, one-on-one in-house Psycho Social Evaluation, Pre-marital & Marriage Counseling, and a host of related services.

Headed by John McQueen Ed.S., LCSW-R, CFLE., we combine the best in traditional psychotherapy with new and emerging techniques to help demystify the process and to attain optimum results. We work in collaboration with other professionals and partner agencies too, many with different theoretical training for different types of psychological problems --all aimed at promoting emotional healing.

The Child-Guidance Center
Dedicated to the mental wellness of children, here's where we provide our culturally-sensitive behavioral health services, a broad range of highly effective services, aimed at helping children and teenagers to fulfill their potential as creative, responsible and productive members of our society.

Services include: Prevention; intervention and treatment; Education, training, mentorship and Vocational guidance. Learn More...

Imani Rites of Passage
Imani Rites of Passage is an educational, therapeutic, recreational and cultural enrichment program with a value-based, cognitive cultural model of identity development built, aimed at fostering the development of positive self-image and competence in young people, plus a psycho-educational group model that combines the use of cognitive, emotive and behavioral techniques for providing young people with hope, encouragement, and support.

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