The Childrenís Guidance Center is dedicated to the mental wellness of children.


Here, we provide a broad range of highly effective culturally-sensitive behavioral health services that assist children and teenagers to fulfill their potential as creative, responsible and productive members of society.


Services include prevention, intervention and treatment.  Education and guidance are delivered with excellence and professionalism in an atmosphere of caring, hope and respect. Our programs reflect an ongoing commitment to innovation, measurable results and childrenís empowerment.
CFP is a specialized provider of children and adolescent mental health services. Experienced, caring professional professionals work with children ages 7 through 12, and adolescents ages 17 through 19 in a safe, therapeutic environment. 

A broad range of emotional and behavioral difficulties are treated in our short-term, child-centered programs including, ADHD, eating disorders, psychological trauma/abuse, behavioral and anxiety disorders. An individualized treatment plan is developed for each child and adolescent and family participation is an integral part of the treatment plan. We strive to involve the family in the consumerís treatment whenever possible.
Childrenís services integrate individual, group and family therapy, with a full complement of educational, expressive and recreational approaches including art and problem-solving activities. These strategies are used with children and young people thereby allowing them free expression of their feelings to foster coping skills and socialization.  


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Or via e-mail at: help@center-for-psychotherapy.com